How we cook the future

2020 is a transformative year in every sense of the word. With an industry in complete free fall, restaurateurs have to remain ever more creative to combat the extensive challenges of the consumer habits.


Lucky 13 Sandwich will be the solution for many, both as the Hoteliers and activity venues will struggle to maintain their F&B outlets, but also outdated and sidelined restaurant concepts that is in urgent need of converting to adapt to the environment. Our experience, scalability and support platform married with a very low entry cost, is a life saver for many and will fuel a rapid and wide ranging expansion potential.

While we are expanding extensively in Thailand, 2020 will also be the year wherein our international relationships will have a very high priority. This year we will actively plan the international expansion to materialize as soon as mid-2021.


Our operating capacity and manual development have already been full steam ahead for 2 years and 2020 is going to be the year we build relationships with those who can envision Lucky 13 Sandwich on a larger stage.