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Head Office


Franchises that are run and operated by the owners (and in some cases with the owner on the premises), generally reach superior performance. By having individual ownership it also enables our Franchise system to de-centralize administration and accounting. That means each Franchisee can use their own preferred option.

With cloud based sales and inventory management softwares, the clarity for any third party firm to assist in administration is at a completely new generation capacity. 

Our vision is to have a dynamic head office, with flexible yet durable foundations, across regions, countries and continents. A gateway to enter a new generation shift from institutional administration to next generation technology.

Due to the simplicity of a Lucky 13 Sandwich Franchise, the administrative costs of our operating platform are inexpensive. The administration remains agile and ready for adaption and expansion, due to a complete detachment from modern institutional bureaucracy. 

The basic  accounting tasks are done by automation,  submitted by the operators themselves through their own accounting relations.


Many choose to work with Front and Por from Bukit Accounting in Phuket, who we highly recommend to all our partners. They also offer new Franchisees a course in the structures of Thai accounting practices and basic legal processes. 

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